Go North

Your Must-Read Guide to North Campus!

Welcome to Orientation season future Wolverines!

It’s an exciting time to meet people, sign up for classes and get a true feel of campus! During your sessions, you will be taken up to North Campus and shown some of the beauty it has to offer, but we don’t think that’s nearly enough time for you to orient (haha, get it!?) yourself with North, so we’ve put together a little guide to help you with getting to know your (possible) future home, targeting some of the must-see spots.

North Campus Map

Finals Time Fun Up North

Yes, finals are coming up, but you’ve got to find some time to relax. Here on North Campus, it’s easy:

Trying to chill out and catch some rays? The lawn around the Music School pond is one of the most relaxing spots at the University. If you’re lucky, you might even get to pet a deer while you’re there. 

Want to get a little sweaty? Head over to Baits II and play some tennis on the tennis courts. Or take a few more steps and stumble upon the nearly hidden basketball court at the end of the parking lot.

Music School pond