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Sgt. Pepper Symposium

June 1, 2017, will mark the 50th anniversary of the worldwide release of the Beatles' album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. While a handful of other titles may vie for the honor of the group's "best" album, Pepper inarguably marks the peak of the band's creativity, and stands among the most imaginative and culturally significant artistic products of its age.

The "Summit of Creativity" conference will bring together prominent Beatles-based scholars, inner-circle figures, and journalists to lead a gathering of academics, students and the general public in exploring Pepper and its world. The event is to take place at the School of Music, Theatre and Dance, from the afternoon of Thursday through the morning of Sunday, June 1-4, 2017.

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Moore Building-
June 01, 2017
02:45 PM