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Art Exhibit at Pierpont

Visit the Pierpont Commons Wall Gallery located just outside of the Commons Cafe to see a colorful exhibit featuring work by the Painting Section of the Faculty Women's Club.

This exhibit will be on display until October 31, 2013.

The 43rd annual art exhibition features the collected work of the Painting Section of the Faculty Women's Club, covering a large variety of styles and media. The FWC is a cross campus organization, offering members acquaintance and fellowship. The Painting Section has been in existence for over eighty years, and is made up of novice painters as well as those who have won many awards for their work.


2013 Artists

Betsy Beckerman, Suzanne Beutler, Young Cho, Marlene Cooper, Mary Dempsey, Doris Foss, Marie Glysson, Enid Gosling, Veronica Hadjiski, Catherine Kendall, Judith Mason-Macomber, Eathel Mendenhall, Angela Nagle Miller, Carole Miller, Sarah Winas Newman, Teri Teeri, Suzanne Van Appledorn, Tanja van der Voo, Lineke Zuiderweg

Please note: The Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) provides opportunities for student and professional artists to display work suitable for a general audience. CCI hosting an artist’s work does not mean we endorse the artist’s point of view; we recognize the free speech rights of our exhibitors.