Go North

Pierpont Commons atrium

Looking for a place to study on North Campus? Everyone knows about the Dude, but Pierpont offers a wide variety of study spaces for any type of environment you’re looking for. If you’re hungry try studying at Mujo, Leonardo’s by Quizno’s, or the Commons Corner next to U-go’s. All offer seating with a food source close by! Commons Corner has comfy couches with televisions, computer stations, and a pool table when you’re looking for a less serious place to work. The east side patio is a great option along with the patio outside of the Dude if you need a little fresh air.

If you prefer working somewhere with live music, visit the piano lounge. With a piano open for anyone to play, it’s common to find music playing softly in the background of this space. After lunch, try the Common’s Café on the second floor; this area stays quiet and offers plenty of space to spread out. Finally, try the reflection room, a place for meditation and reflection when the stress starts to pile on! You can find information about all of these spaces here: http://uunions.umich.edu/pierpont/relax/study/.