Go North

Michigan Union studying finals

As the end of the Fall semester is fast approaching, your schedule will soon be filled with final papers, exams, and group projects. At University Unions, we know how busy students are during finals and we are here to help! With tons of late-night food options and a variety of cozy and quiet study spaces, the Unions are your key to finishing the semester strong. Here’s our pick for the best Union resources to survive finals week!:

  1. Study Spaces: Need a place to study that isn’t far from home? The Unions have a ton of cozy nooks and large study rooms, such as the Piano Lounge in Pierpont and the Willis Ward Lounge in the Michigan Union. We also absolutely LOVE the stained glass room in Beanster’s Cafe; perfect for a day of studying with beautiful campus views.

  2. Midnight snacks: U-go’s has a variety of snacks and is open late every day in all three Union buildings! Grab a granola bar or some healthy trail mix to help you stay energized while studying. And if you are looking for a more hearty fare, many of the eateries in the Michigan Union and Pierpont are open until midnight or later! Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or a full meal, the Unions have your late-night cravings handled.

  3. Stress-relief resources: Feeling down or overworked? Counseling and Psychological Services (aka CAPS) is a wonderful free resource for all students. In addition to counseling services, CAPS also hosts a super-relaxing “Wellness Zone,” filled with massage chairs and other restful resources. In addition, CCI will be hosting their annual Finals Survival Breakfast on Thursday, December 15th from 10am-1pm at Pierpont Commons and 10pm-1am at the Michigan Union. Take a study break and grab some yummy food with friends!

Do you have a favorite study spot, late-night snack, or stress-relief tip for other Umich students? Tweet us @UmichUnions!