Go North

Finals are here and final projects are in their last stretch. Here are some tips to help you balance academic and student life during the next few weeks!

1. Break your work into chunks.

Even though it may seem like doing your seven hours of homework and studying all at once would be most efficient, it is best to break up your work and allow your mind to rest. Studies have shown that we are more productive when we take small breaks in between work. Whether that is grabbing a snack from U-go’s or playing a game of pool at the Billiards and Games room, make sure to treat yo’ self to a study break during finals!

2. Get some exercise.

Exercise releases endorphins that relieve stress, so planning time to exercise during finals is super important. It is easy to get caught up in all of the work you need to get done and forget about how important physical activity is in boosting your brainpower! During one of your study breaks, take a jog around campus, visit the CCRB or NCRB, or play a game of frisbee with a friend--all of these will decrease stress and help you get through the day.

3. Get enough sleep.

All-nighters are so tempting when you have a huge exam to cram for or a project due the next day. However, getting a good night’s rest (preferably 8 hours depending on how much you procrastinated) will make you feel energized and actually perform better on your exam or project than if you would have pulled an all-nighter. Your brain needs sleep to function properly, so don’t feel bad hitting the snooze button once or twice.

4. Have fun.

Grab your roommates and head to the Finals Survival Breakfast or the Trotter Study Break to get away from your work. Or escape to another world by reading a book on the couches of the League. Put aside at least an hour a day to do something you want to do. Having a little fun every so often can lighten the mood and help you forget about all the stress, even for a little while.

Where are your favorite places to study and take breaks at the Unions? Tweet us your thoughts with #ThroughTheseDoors!