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Students learn proper handshake

Which fork do I use?


In an innovative use of experience and resources, Keith Soster, Director of Food Service for University Unions,  conducts business dining etiquette seminars for students using actual table set ups and food service for hands-on (and elbows off) real life experience.

When: Friday, March 22, 2013
Where: Boulevard Room, Pierpont Commons
Time: 12-2 pm

Fee: $10 (four course meal!)

Register online at the Center for Campus Involvement website.

The importance of etiquette in business is older than the fork. Around 2500 BC, an Egyptian etiquette manuscript gave the advice to young men on the fast track, “When sitting with one’s superior, laugh when he laughs.” Soster’s etiquette session is designed to ensure that students aren’t laughed at during a business meal. Business Dining Etiquette for Students covers the do’s and don’ts of introductions, what silverware to use and when, what to order and how to eat it, to help students impress others and maintain professionalism. 


Specific topics covered in the presentation include a review of a formal place setting and what each item is used for, proper techniques for eating soup, salad, meat, pasta, buttering rolls, and where to leave your silverware when you’re finished eating. In addition, how to pass condiments, proper use of the napkin, and appropriate meal conversations are discussed. Proper attire for men and women is also covered including what the terms black tie, white tie, formal, semi-formal and business casual really mean.