Go North

Bus terminal on campus

Living on North Campus develops the skill of bus riding. There are six main U-M blue buses that service north: Pierpont, Bursley/Baits, Northwood, Northwood Express, North Commuter, and South Commuter. Learning the ins and outs of the bus system is crucial. Please ensure to give yourself 15-20 minutes in between classes and meetings on North and Central campus. Running to make a bus is a common sighting on North Campus. Everyone has experienced a late morning only to find out you have 15 minutes to get ready and make it to class. You'll soon learn what the "rush hour" times of buses are and can plan more time as needed. 

The bus stop signage offers a general idea of when buses will run. However, the U of M app with Magic Bus is your best bet. It provides a map and list of arrival times for upcoming buses, giving you time to plan for bus transfers. You can also find recent bus changes and information on: http://pts.umich.edu/transit/routes.php. Learning the buses can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, buses make travelling around campus simple!
Be sure to check out the fun and informative Michigan Transportation the Musical Video