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Duderstadt building

The Duderstadt Center is an all-campus resource and it is a place where traditional and new sources of information blend with tools for synthesis, creativity, invention, and production. The combined talents of students, and information and instructional technology professionals make the center a powerful resource for the university.

The center houses traditional and digital libraries an animation laboratory, video and audio performance studios, electronic music studios, video editing suites, lab space for special projects an exhibition gallery, a video conference suite and over 400 work stations.

The Art, Architecture, and Engineering Library houses a collection of art, architecture, design, engineering, urban planning, books, magazines, databases and thousands of online journals.

GroundWorks is located on the lower level of the Duderstadt Center and supports the production, conversion, and editing of digital and analog media. High-end Mac and PCs equipped with flatbed scanners, side scanners, slide film exposure, and video and audio equipment are available on a walk-in, self-serve bases supervised by GroundWorks staff. Large format color printing is also available for a fee.