Go North

Umich North Campus sign

1. You become one with nature.

With a sprawling 800 acres of land situated away from the downtown city of Ann Arbor, North Campus is full of ponds, forests, and the occasional wild turkey. One of the best things that happens when you live on North is the ability to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city-style Central Campus and enjoy the breathtaking views of the North Campus scenery. Before you know it, you will be having M Farmers Market picnics next to the Moore Music School Pond and petting a deer while watching the sunset on the Wave Field. You’ll be quoting Thoreau in no time!


Photo of a deer.


2. You develop a love for architecture.

Not only is North Campus home to picturesque wildlife, but also some of the most interesting and unique architecture and sculptures. Whether it be the ground-to-ceiling windows at Pierpont Commons, the geometric shape of the Beyster engineering building, or the infamous “Tilted Donut with S” sculpture; something is sure to catch your eye wherever you go on North Campus. And with the Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning located on this campus, you can even have the chance to explore your new found obsession with all things industrial by pursuing a degree in architecture or urban planning!

Outside image of North Campus buildings


3. You are surrounded by insanely talented people.

The School of Art & Design, The School of Music, Theatre & Dance, The College of Engineering, and the aforementioned College of Architecture & Urban Planning are all located on North Campus--needless to say, these people are some of the most creative and innovative leaders and best. Being immersed in a land full of talent and creativity definitely has its perks, such as free live music performances outside Pierpont Commons and student art exhibits in the Dude. Most importantly, being surrounded by other visionaries allows for your personal creativity and talent to grow. Go get your North Campus inspiration!

Entertainers on stage.


4. You realize the “Dude” is your second hoMe.

Central Campus has the Undergraduate Library (aka the UgLi) and North Campus has The Duderstadt Center (aka the Dude). With the largest public computing site at the university (a whopping 400+ computers), two electronic music studios, 3D and virtual reality labs, and much more--the Dude is the place to be when it comes to studying for classes, researching for that term paper, or even expressing your creativity. And when you are in need of a break from all of that awesomeness, the Dude also houses Mujo Café--a one-stop shop for refreshing beverages, tasty sandwiches, and decadent pastries; open late until 2 a.m. After embracing all of the wonderful things the Dude has to offer, we promise, you will never want to leave.

People at coffee shop in Pierpont Commons


5. You meet your BFFs.

There is no doubt about it, North Campus residents make up one big, happy, innovative family. And while you are spending your time studying in the Dude, relaxing with a scenic view, and  appreciating the outstanding architecture; meeting people who will become lifelong friends is one of the best things to look forward to while you embark on your North Campus journey. So go forth and enjoy the adventure of going North!

Roommates holding U of M block M sign.

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