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This is Michigan Engineering

Check out this new video from the College of Engineering. And fasten your seatbelt!

Note: this video may not be appropriate for individuals who are photoepileptic or who have rapid motion sensitivity.

42 Hours of Recreativity

42 Hours of ReCreativity is a student team design challenge, starting at 8pm on Friday, November 4 and ending at 2pm on Sunday, November 6. Open to undergrad and graduate students from all university schools and colleges. Cash Prizes!  Team registration is open from October 7-21. Teams must be comprised of students from at least three different schools, two of which are North Campus schools/colleges.  More...

42 Hours of Recreativity

School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Founded in 1880, the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance is one of the finest performing arts schools in the United States. Encompassing programs in dance, music, musical theatre, and theatre, we are consistently ranked among the top performing arts schools in the country.

Article School of Music building

Using Brain Waves to Control Content

Ever want to control something with your mind? Rearrange your bedroom by only thinking about it?  The University of Michigan 3D Lab is using EEG technology combined with full body gestures to bring a new level of immersion to interactive applications. Using the EPOC Emotiv headset one can read instant EEG patterns from 14 areas of the brain. This information can be used to tell special software whether you are smiling, stressed out, or thinking about grapes.